About the Development Team

About the Development Team

Ebon Henry -- Project Manager

As of 2024, Ebon is a Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida. Past experience involves website project management and website development. On occasion, Ebon practices 3D printing and enjoys playing tabletop games.

For this project, Ebon was responsible for the management of the project team, including approving site design decisions, acting in part as liaison between Cameron Harvey and the team with weekly communication, establishing progress meetings with Cameron Harvey, and implementing basic site content.

Rachel Leiner -- Graphic Designer

As of 2024, Rachel is a third-year Computer Science student with a minor in Digital Media at the University of Central Florida. She has experience in web and mobile app design as well as proficiency in Adobe Suite products. She is also skilled in Python, C, and Java. Rachel is well-rounded in her studies and enjoys combining code with art in her work.

For this project, Rachel was responsible for designing and implementing elements and schemes across the site. This includes the landing page, color palette, headers, icons, and theme selection. You can reach her at rachel.leiner@ucf.edu for any inquiries!

Will Frederico -- Web Programmer

As of 2024, Will is a third year student pursuing a degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. Past experience includes various aspects of web development and database management for Logic Mountain, and contract work for the White House Fellows Foundation and Association. In his spare time, Will plays the bass guitar and is an active participant in the music scene in the Orlando area.

For this project, Will was responsible for the configuration of the webpage, including DNS registration, server configuration, WordPress installation and configuration, and basic site structure and content.

Evan Wrote -- Web Programmer

As of 2024, Evan is a Junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics at the University of Central Florida. Past experience includes website and app development at JB Hunt and Darden Restaurants Incorporated. Some of his hobbies include making string art and bowling.

For this project, Evan helped upload the items for sale on the website, and aided in the creation of technical documents.

Roshin Kandalloor Roy -- Quality Assurance

As of 2024, Roshin is a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. On occasion, Roshin plays acoustic guitar for his church and enjoys playing soccer.

For this project, Roshin ensured that the website met the customer’s needs based on the business requirements specified. Also, tests were performed on the website to confirm cross-platform compatibility, accessibility, and that the website is “bug-free.”

Felipe Souza Dias -- Information Architect

Bio coming soon…

Ethan Releford -- Technical Writer

Bio coming soon…

Lukas Orozco -- Business Analyst

Bio coming soon…

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