Copper Dog Sculpture

Copper Dog Sculpture


I’ve done many, many sculptures over the years, but these little dogs get some of the most heartfelt responses from people. Perfect for you, or as a gift for anyone that has, had, or wants to have a dog. It doesn’t need to be fed, or watered. And it is always there happy to see you! 10″ by 3″ by 5″, copper and pigments.

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We have been daschund owners most of our lives. They are, and will always be, a part of our family. Several years back, one of our little buddies died. It was a quiet day in the studio, and thinking about him, I made a little dog out of copper, one that had his same little spunk to keep me company and to think of the good times with him. People started coming in, and seeing him, would either crack a smile, or tell me stories of their daschunds too- happy ones, sad ones, poignant ones.







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