Copper Patchwork Wall Fountain

Copper Patchwork Wall Fountain


That’s how it goes sometimes, evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. Copper MAZE is a stunning fountain. The copper background is multi-layered and subtly patinaed. Hint: small subtle changes in the coloration and patina bring about stunning changes to the look of the fountain! Then an invisible polycarbonate panel runs across the whole thing, making it look a bit like the world’s most hi-def TV set. The water runs down the entire face and…well…she’s a beaut!
72″ wide, 60″ tall, 8″ deep It comes with everything needed to hang and run. An LED light hood can be purchased to go with it

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We got a call from a gentleman from New York who was interested in a large spectacular fountain for his Manhattan apartment. He drove out and initially he was focused on our Copper Canyon Fountain…a true beauty unto itself. But then we got to talking and his goal was to go…to the next tier…something even wilder. There is so much texture here to take it; you’ll always notice something new in looking at this one. An LED light hood can be purchased separately. Ask us about custom sizes and unique iterations!






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