Jewels of Barsoom Wall Fountain

Jewels of Barsoom Wall Fountain


When I was a little kid, I heard a song on the radio entitled, Baubles, Bangles, Bright Shiny Beads. At the time I had no idea what a bauble was, much less a bangle. But I knew they were special…magical, and it made the song special. I started this sculpture with that song in mind. But then, in the middle of it all, it got to the point where I’d look at it and just start smiling…not out of pride, but because it was sooo over the top. Clearly this fountain was…goin’ for it.

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If you’re a fan of the author Edgar Rice Burrows, this name might ring a bell for you. Barsoom was the name given to the planet Mars by its inhabitants of his John Carter of Mars series. This has lovely colors and swirls to catch the eye. An LED light hood can be purchased separately. Ask us about custom sizes and unique iterations!


Blue, Chromatic





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